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Do you take credit cards?
Yes, we take Visa and Mastercard. You also have the choice to use your Paypal account. These are separate choices when you check out at our cart site.

Are the kits or flats guaranteed?
In the unlikely event that you are not pleased with your kit or flat, return it for a refund of the purchase price.

What other models will work well with yours on my layout?
Guess what...we're partial to DPM. What a surprise, huh?! Actually there's a good, impersonal reason why DPM works well with Lunde Studios. Being from the mind and hands of the same designer, they simply work together visually and proportionally, as if they really would be found in the same 1:1 city.

What is the lead time from order receipt to shipment?
We ship in 2 days to 2 weeks. If your order is for a very new item and there are a great many orders ahead of yours, your shipment will go out in the order it was received and could take a bit longer. We will not charge your account until your order is ready to ship.

Do you ship outside the USA?
Yes, we ship to most "western" countries. Once your order is received, we will contact you about shipping costs. If you wish to know costs before ordering, email us requesting cost information for what you plan to order.

What kind of glue is best for resin?
Gap-filling ACC (Superglues) works wonderfully well and gives a bit more time for adjustments than non-gap-filling superglues. If you wish, for items such as recessed doors, you can use a clear silicone-type glue that remains flexible to ease fitting the part. We've been told by several modelers that they use Beacon 527, which can be found at
Wal Mart and most craft-hobby stores such as Hobby Lobby.

Do resin parts warp?
With the resin we are now using we, ourselves, have not had a problem with warping. Bob throws parts loose in a box, some lying partially on others, to take as samples to shows. Even bouncing across country, these loose parts maintain their flatness. That said, we have heard from a few (very few) customers that they received warped parts. One poor fellow said all the parts in the kit he purchased were curled up like potato chips. Good heavens... we just don't know what happens in such a case. We do suggest that you add reinforcement so the model(s) stays straight for all the years it/they sit proudly on your layout.

What are the ordering options?
You can order online with a Mastercard or Visa or by using your Paypal account.
You can also send a check or money order. If you prefer, you can call us   479-253-5088 and use a credit card over the phone. You may also order from Walthers.



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