Quick-Flats have been DISCONTINUED by Lunde Studios.
However, they will be re-issued by another company in late autumn of 2016. And they’ll be injected molded products. We will list the new company’s name and website here when it’s ready, so check back.

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BIG, realistic wall panels fill backgrounds quickly or become whole buildings.

Would you like to be able to build the flat pictured here in about 1½ hours?
You can!  It’s assembled from one package of QUICK-FLATS – 2 walls plus separate details.

12 ½” x 6 ¼”

 Or this one in about 2½ hours using 1½ packages?

12 1/2" x 9 1/2"


QUICK-FLATS© are hand-cast in the same durable and detail-enhancing resin as our kits.  This material not only allows crisp, deep-relief detail, but it’s also easy to work with and to saw or sand for kitbashing.  NO PAINTING is needed.  Windows, doors and other architectural details are cast separately in matte finish, realistic colors.   

All packages contain what is needed in the way of windows and doors plus 1-inch deep side panels (to use or not),  clear window glazing, “gluing squares” to make gluing the glazing easy, and instructions. The 2-story upper wall panels come four in a package. The 3-story ground level wall panels come two in a package with such details as roofs and cornices. 


These details can be used with the ground level panels alone, for a 3-story building, or on top of added upper 2-story panels.  Upper story panels wouldn’t be used at ground level, so upper story packages do not include roofs and cornices. The upper stories employ the roofs and cornices from the ground level panels used underneath them.


Is it clear as clay at this point?  Never fear, you will have an aha! moment when you look at the drawings below and  the isometric drawings and photos of built-ups here:




Four wall panels, 24 separate windows (shown in place) plus a couple more for good measure, four return panels, six pilasters, instructions and clear window glazing with cast “gluing squares” to make glazing placement easy. Two wall panels, the number of separate windows required (shown in place) plus 2 more, two return panels, three pilasters, cornice pieces, cast roof (not shown), instructions and clear window glazing with “gluing squares”.

SERIES ONE Brick Turn-of-the-Century Style

Series One (yes, there will be more) offers two different window styles, each in its own color family. Double-hung windows are packaged with rust color brick walls. They are shown in place below. Steel sash windows are packaged with tan brick walls. Each 2-story upper panel, with pilasters in place, measures 6 1/2" x 3 1/4". Each 3-story ground level panel, with pilasters and cornice in place, measures 6 1/2" x 6 1/4"h.



Trackside Loading Wall

#QF1 2/pk rust color


#QF11 2/pk tan color

Loading Dock Wall
Includes dock and dock roof

#QF2  2/pk rust color


#QF12  2/pk tan color

Truck Loading Wall

#QF3 2/pk rust color


#QF13  2/pk tan color

City Faēade Wall

#QF4  2/pk rust color

3-Story Blank

#QF5  2/pk rust color


#QF15  2/pk tan color

2-Story Window Wall

#QF6  4/pk rust color


#QF16  4/pk tan color

2-Story Blank

#QF7  4/pk rust color


#QF17 4/pk tan color


If you haven't already taken a look at the "Examples" page, you can do so here









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