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Quick-Flats have been DISCONTINUED by Lunde Studios.
However, they will be re-issued by another company in late autumn of 2016. And they’ll be injected molded products. We will list the new company’s name and website here when it’s ready, so check back.

 to lower 48

Email photos to us of what you create with QUICK-FLATS, and we'll add them to a  "customer creations page" here on our website. Of course we'll credit your work!!

Exploded view drawing of basic assembly.
(Right-hand return not shown)

 Shown above: 1/2 of a QF7 and one QF5

Bob used one QF12, one QF15, 1/2 of a QF13 and 3/4 of a QF16.
He added some small details from other manufacturers.


1/2 of QF4, 1/2 of QF5, three QF6


Come around to the left side with the second city facade wall from QF4 and you have a corner building.


One QF4 and 1/2 of QF6

One QF2 and 1/4 of QF6

One QF11

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