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The Bon Ton
Kit #HO-27
Left or Right Corner 5.5" sq. x 8"H

Cut stone and brick fronts in stone color with tan brick back walls, dark detailed roof. Includes 2 recessed door castings, 2 cast canopies, 2 building sign castings with heavy paper printed signs, 1 chimney, 2 cast air conditioning units, downspouts, instructions with photos, general construction tips with photos and clear window glazing. Windows and architectural details are cast in place.


Magnuson Int'l
Kit #HO-28
5" D x 3.75" W x 10.5"H

Cut stone and brick front in stone color with tan brick side and back walls. Detailed gray-black roof.
Building sign casting with printed signs, recessed door casting, and chimney. Windows and most architectural details are cast in place. Clear window glazing, instructions with photos and general kit construction tips are included.


McAdam Bldg
Kit #HO-26
4" D x 5" W x 9.2" H

Cut stone front in terra cotta,
gray-tan random stone sides and back.
Detailed gray/black roof. Windows and details cast in place. Separate recessed doors, cast bldg sign and chimney backs. Clear window glazing, printed name sign
and complete instructions with construction tips and photos.


Falcon Tower* 
Kit #HO-23
5" D x 4.25" W x 16" H



Heron Ltd* 
Kit #HO-24
5" D x 4.25" W x 9.25" H



Peacock Bldg* 
Kit #HO-25
4.6" D x 3.4" W x 8" H



*The three kits of the "Tower Trio" - Falcon, Heron, and Peacock - are molded in resin with all details cast in place, except for the separate recessed entries of Falcon Tower and Heron Ltd. Included in each kit: detailed black roof, chimney and clear window glazing. The side and rear walls are cast in an appropriate brick color. Fronts are cast in appropriate stone colors -- so all three can live in the same city. Complete instructions contain text, photos and construction tips.

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